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This section is comparing a small collection of photos of Arnhem between 1944 and today. I do not intend to make this too big but to rather give an some insight to the fact that a few places in Arnhem can be seen today which haven't changed too much since the battle in 1944.

View of the Arnhem Bridge from Onderlangs. Troops from s.Pz.Kp. 'Hummel' and SS-Pz.Gr. Rgt. 21 clearing the last pockets of resistance in Sept 1944.


Further East is the view of the Bridge from Nieuwe Kade. The photo in 1944 is of troops from Kampfgruppe 'Knaust' preparing to assault 2 PARA's positions around the bridge.


In 1944 troops from Sturmgeschützbrigade 280 traveled down Willems Plein heading towards Oosterbeek. Today the building still stands used as a commercial building.


Sturmgeschützbrigade 280 advancing along Utrechtseweg assaulting positions of the 1st Airborne Division who were trying to advance into Arnhem. The same houses are still standing today.


This photo taken in 1944 is also along the Utrechtseweg which is of an officer in an Assault gun from Sturmgeschützbrigade 280.


An Assault Gun fighting on Klingebeekseweg which is in the heart of Oosterbeek.


This is the beginning of the Utrechtseweg in Arnhem where an Assault Gun is heading to Oosterbeek. The road where the red car is coming from is Onderlangs.


Another Assault Gun heading towards the Arnhem Bridge on the Siepse poort. The overpass is a little different today.


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