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SS-Hauptsturmführer Oskar Schwappacher

Knight's Cross - 26.12.44
Iron Cross I Class - 17.06.42
Iron Cross II Class - 28.08.41
Infantry Assault Badge - 01.11.41
Eastern Front Medal - 10.08.42

Oskar Schwappacher was born on 23rd August 1914 in Nürnberg. He became a party member (NSDAP) on the 1st May 1937 and became a Police Officer shortly afterwards. On the 1st Sept 1940 he was posted as an SS-Obersturmführer and Oberleutnant der Schutzpolizei to the SS-Polizei Division. He remained with the unit being promoted to Hauptmann der Schutzpolizei 5th January 1942 until early 1943. He was posted on the 1st Feb 1943 to the Artillerie Training Battalion of the same division. In July of that year he completed his Battalion Commander's Course (21.06.43 - 24.07.43) before being posted to the Artillerie Regiment of the SS-Kavallrie Division. In November 1943 he was posted as the commander of the V./SS-Art. Ausb. u. Ers. Rgt. which was located in Holland.

The primary role of the unit was to train Artillery men who would be posted into various SS Divisions fighting across Europe. In September 1944 the fighting was on the unit's doorstep and with Operation Market Garden commencing on the 17th Sept. 1944, the German Artillery Battalion was committed. Two of Schwappacher's batteries had been attached to another unit but the 19th and 21st Batteries where committed north of the Waal in support of the 10th SS-Panzer Division fighting in Nijmegen. It was for this support that SS-Hauptsturmführer Oskar Schwappacher was recommended and awarded the Knights Cross.

Unfortunately his recorded is blank after December 1944 and it is unknown where he was posted to after Holland. However he pops up again in the ferocious fighting in Berlin at the end of the war. SS-Sturmbannführer Oskar Schwappacher was killed in action leading a SS-Kampfgruppe on the 02 May 1945.

The recommendation document for the Knights Cross for SS-Hauptsturmführer Oskar Schwappacher being submitted by the Headquarters of the 10th SS-Panzer Division to the the IInd SS-Panzer Korps.

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