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Heinrich Robbe

20.07.1926 - 18.09.1944

Heinrich Robbe enlisted late in the war in Dülmen, Westfalen in 22nd May 1944. He spent his first 4 months with a Panzer Grenadier Training and Replacement Battalion before Operation 'Market Garden' started. Due to Allied airborne troops landing behind enemy lines every soldier available was to be sent to the front. Heinrich Robbe was sent to a reception centre close to the Dutch-German border. On the 17th September 1944, at the reception centre, Heinrich Robbe was attached to the 2nd Company, Kampfgruppe 'Knaust' and was transported to the front. Kampgruppe 'Knaust' arrived in Arnhem in the early hours of the 18th September and was tasked to clear the bridge. It was this day that Heinrich Robbe met his death. It is believed that Heinrich fell during the first assaults against the British Paratroopers. He was buried in a small military cemetery in Duiven, Holland. May he rest in peace.

Heinrich Robbe (on the far left ) with his family. His brother Bernhard (far right) went missing on the Muis Front (West of Stalingrad (1943)).


Thank you to Heinrich's niece who provided this information.

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