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Hans Mumm

Hans Mumm was a member of the 4th Company, Kampfgruppe 'Knaust' during the battle of Arnhem. His trade was a schirrmeister (vehicle mechanic) but it is assumed (unknown) he was committed as infantry against the Airborne troops at the bridge.

Before joining Knaust's unit he was with 1./Sturmbataillon AOK 4 (Army Group Centre) on the Eastern Front. Army Group Centre was smashed by the Russians during a major offensive and Hans and his unit where caught up in the offensive. Hans was wounded during the offensive and was lucky to be taken to the rear. First moved to Warsaw for recovery he was later moved to a Field hospital in Western Germany in July.

After recovery he was suppossed to be transfered to his Division's replacement unit but was assigned to Kampfgruppe 'Knaust' in September 1944 and sent to Arnhem. He remained with Kampfgruppe Knaust until November 1944. Hans Mumm ended the war in the Ruhr pocket where he surrendered to American troops on April 16th, 1945.

Unteroffizier Hans Mumm's service included Belgium and France during the Western campaign (1940), Denmark (1941), Eastern Front - Moscow (1941), France (1942), Stalingrad - wasn't trapped in the pocket (1942), Germany 1943, Sicily 1943, Germany 1943-44, Eastern Front 1944, Germany (1944), Arnhem (1944), Poland (1944-45), Germany 1945, Ruhr Pocket (Apr 45).

This information was kindly provided by a family member of Unteroffizier Hans Mumm.

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