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SS-Standartenführer Michael Lippert

Ehrenblattspange - 27.12.44
Iron Cross I Class - ?
Iron Cross II Class - ?
Infantry Assault Badge - ?
Wound Badge in Black - ?
Wehrmachtbericht - Mentioned twice for his actions on the Eastern Front (dates unknown).

Michael Lippert was born 24 April 1897 in Schönwald. At the age of 17 and on the first day after the outbreak of WWI he volunteered for service.

Between the wars he was still an active member of the German Armed forces and during the years 1933 - 1937 was a battalion commander of the Battalion's 'Baveria' and 'Brandenburg'.

He was involved in the 1940 campaign of the west and tread the same ground as he did in WWI. After the fall of France he commanded the SS-Volunteer Legion 'Flandern'. He took this unit to the Eastern Front were in fought with heavy losses around Leningrad and Wolchow. In 1942 SS-Staf. Lippert was severly wounded being shot in the head, stomach and ankle. Lucky to be alive he had a long recovery in a number of hospitals.

After leaving hospital he went on to command the SS-Regiment 8 on the Eastern Front but was wounded again shortly after arriving. Recovered once more he was moved to the newly forming SS-Panzer Division 10 'Frundsberg' in France before being transferred to the SS-Unterführerschule 'Arnheim' in Holland.

After the collapse of the Western Front in France, Lippert and the school build a defensive line north of the River Waal. He continued to organise the retreating masses that passed through his checkpoints until the 17th September 1944 when a new task was issued for his unit. The school was to move to Arnhem as quickly as possible. During the battle Lippert intially led the school against the western side of the Oosterbeek perimeter but ending the battle by being the front line commander of all forces on the western side under General von Tettau. For his units actions during the battle, Lippert was awarded the German Honour Roll Clasp.

After the battle and the disbanding of the school, Lippert went on to command a regiment in the SS-Division 'Landstorm Niederland'. He passed away at the age of 72 in September 1969.

Shown below was the German Equivalent of a Gazette which officially listed the award of the Ehrenblattspange won by Officers of the German Armed Forces. This list was from Ende (end) December 1944. Lippert's name is in the left hand column, second one down which has been underlined.

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