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Major Kurt Kühme

Knight's Cross - 09.12.44
German Cross in Gold - 06.03.42
Iron Cross I Class - 18.06.40
Iron Cross II Class - 26.09.39
General Assault Badge - ??.??.??

Kurt Kühme was born October 3, 1910 in Berlin Germany. He joined the German Army in 1932 and was assigned to Artillerie-Regiment 4 and by 1938 he was in command of the 5th Batterie. Before the invasion of Poland he was posted to Artillerie-Abtielung (motorised) 400. During the campaign in Poland, Kühme was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class. On the 1st of January 1940 he was assigned to the 1st Battery as the commander and was involved in the Western Campaigns where he was awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class.

In March 1943 he was posted as the commander VI. Abteilung/Artillerie Lehr Regiment 2 (mot.) in Jüterbog but was only there for a short time before being assigned to Sturmgeschütz Abteilung 280 in June 1943. On the 17th of January he was made commander of the Abteilung and took it to the Eastern Fron fighting around Tarnopol in Apr 1944. With heavy losses he took the now upgraded Brigade to Denmark where it was to receive replacements in men and material.

The unit was on its way to Aachen when Operation 'Market Garden' started and a third of the unit was sent to Arnhem where it turned the tide of battle with two members winning the Knights Cross. The Brigade went on to fight in Holland for a number of months.

Kurt Kühme left Sturmgeschützbrigade 280 in February 1945 where he was assigned to the Führerreserve of the OKH. It is unknown how he ended the war. He died September 8, 1970 at Bad Aibling/Bayern.

Major Kurt Kühme in the capola of a StuG IIIG discussing the next assault with escorting infantry in Arnhem.

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