The section aims to inform the readers of some of the Luftwaffe pilots that made an impact against the allies during Operation ‘Market Garden'. Whilst most of the pilots you will read about in this section had already won at least the Knight's Cross by September 1944, I have used the term ‘The Aces of the Day' in the title as a highlight of the heroic actions they accomplished against an enemy that already had Air supremacy in the West and a combat ratio of 5:1 every time the Luftwaffe took to the skies by September 1944.

Aces of the Day

A selection of 8 German Pilots who achieved victories between the 17th - 26th September 1944 during the allied Operation 'Market Garden'. Click on each picture to receive an overview of the pilot.

Klaus Mietusch
Günther Specht
Karl Borris
Alfred Grislawski
Wilhelm Hofmann
Alfred Heckmann
Gerhard Vogt
Wilhelm Mayer

As described in the previous chapter, the German Luftwaffe scored a confirmed total of 122 victories during the period 17th – 26 th September 1944. Whilst this total was a combined effort by no less than 10 different Jagdgeschwaders, most pilots in this section are from either one of these two units: Jagdgeschwader 11 and Jagdgeschwader 26. A total of 8 Luftwaffe fighter pilots from the units involved in Operation ‘Market Garden' are listed above. By clicking on each photo, readers will get an insight to the pilot's career (if available) during World War II as well as the role they played during September 1944.

Included in this section is the Germans Luftwaffe Claims list for each pilot over the Arnhem –Nijmegen– Eindhoven area for the period 17th – 26 th September 1944. This list not only shows each pilot's victory, but what unit they were with at the time, the aircraft type shot down as well as the time and location of the ‘kill' (also see Luftwaffe Total Victories List).

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