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This section is all about publications on the Battle of Arnhem. The left column advertises some of the latest releases of books on the Battle of Arnhem. To purchase these books you can either use an internet search engine or contact me here. The Upcoming publications section on the right is to highlight some of these upcoming titles (regardless if they are about the German or Allied side) as well as an opportunity for readers of this site to perhaps contribute information to the author. If you have any information that might assist the authors on the books below, then please contact me here. You will of course be acknowledged in the respective book if your contribute to any of the works below. Do not contact me to ask when the books below will be published as this will be at the discretion of each respective author. Publishing dates will be advertised here when these have been confirmed.

Author: Haks Walburgh Schmidt

NO RETURN FLIGHT - 13 Platoon at Arnhem 1944.

No return flight, 13 Platoon at Arnhem 1944 tells the story of the search for the men aboard a Horsa glider that sailed into the Battle at Arnhem on 18th September 1944. In the early phase of the battle the pilots of the British engineless plane wished their passengers good luck in their race for the Arnhem bridges, probably never to see them again. 54 years later one of the pilots, Sergeant Morley 'Taffy' Williams, visiting the Netherlands for the annual commemorations of the battle, meets a Dutch journalist and expresses his deep wish to find out what happened to his passengers of that fateful flight to Arnhem. Together they decide to start a search for them. More than six years later this investigation has resulted in a moving personal story of the Battle at Arnhem. The captivating stories of the airborne soldiers give the reader a surprising and gripping view on the events. As a fascinating consequence the search has led to several unexpected renewed personal contacts between the pilot and some of his passengers and their relatives. It also rekindled the search for some of Morley's passengers that are still missing. The book was first published in Dutch but is is now available in English and further information (how to order etc) is available on the forum.

ISBN: 9789059118812

Authors: John O'Reilly

156 Parachute Battalion - FROM DELHI TO ARNHEM

This is the latest in a long line of Arnhem related books which deal with one specific unit. It follows in the footsteps of books such as "B Company Arrived", "When Dragons Flew", "Leading the way to Arnhem", "Red Berets and Red Crosses" and many others. Anyone who has any of the aforementioned books will definitely not be disappointed with this one. The author, who's father served with the unit, has done an excellent job with the research and the production values are first class with numerous photos, maps and illustrations. The book chronicles the history of the 156 Battalion, Parachute Regiment from it's formation in India to it's destruction at the Battle of Arnhem. As an avid collector of Arnhem related books I can thoroughly recommend this title and if you have more than a passing interest in the subject matter it is an absolute "must have". - Review by Paul Pariso

ISBN: 9780956044402

Author: N. Cherry


This is an excellent micro-study, written by an acknowledged authority on Arnhem. It is evident the amount of research that has gone into this publication with contributions from veterans from both sides. The author's style of writing makes the book a great read and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in military history. The annexes to this book are also a wealth of information which only compliment the main story.

ISBN: 9780953269402

Author: S. Cazenave


This exceptional volume is a comprehensive account of one small unit in the 10th SS Panzerdivision "Frundsberg", its armoured reconnaissance battalion, with contributions of around twenty veterans. It contains many previously unpublished photographs of the SdKfz 250/251 and the Spahwagen, and detailed lists showing the members of each company with biographies of each of the officers. This work has bilingual French and German text, and contains 200 photographs, most of which have never been seen before. This unit is served in southern Russia, Normandy and North-West Europe 1944/45. The book is unfortunately only published in French but the pictures within the publication really make it a worthwhile purchase.

ISBN: 9782840482291

On the Shelves - 20th February 2010

Authors: B. Gerritsen & S. Revell

RETAKE ARNHEM BRIDGE - An Illustrated History of Kampfgruppe Knaust, Sept - Oct. 1944.

Retake Arnheim Bridge is based on a series of published and unpublished photos taken by a member, Gefreiter Kracht,  of the Panzer.Ersatz.Abteilung 11 (Panzer Kompanie Mielke). This unit was part of the Kampfgruppe 'Knaust'. The book describes the events around these photos and highlights some of the personalities and events of the Kampfgruppe 'Knaust', that took place during the Battle of Arnhem. The authors have been able to get their hands on a number of great photos, documents and maps which compliment the book. It is due for publication in early 2010.

ISBN: 9789081270335

To be Published - 2010/2011

Author: S. Revell

OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE - A combat history of Flak Kampfgruppe 'von Svoboda' - Arnhem Sept. 1944.

Kampfgruppe 'von Svoboda' was a German Anti-Aircraft unit based in Germany which was one unit sent to Arnhem to take on the British Elite 1st Airborne Division. Based on a officer's diary, it will cover the move of the unit from Germany to Arnhem. It also recounts the day to day operations of the Flak Batteries that were not only involved in Anti-air operations but also ground to ground combat.

Whilst the first draft of the book has been complete, I still need a lot more photos, veteran accounts and information regarding this unit (Flak Regt 46) from Arnhem and from Germany. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. If I recevie more photos then the book is due for publication is late 2010/early 2011.




















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