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17 Jan 2016

Firstly Happy New Year to all readers and I hope you enjoy the updates throughout the year. I noticed that I was only able to produce one update last year so I am aiming to increase this but at least 100%. But in all seriousness, it is hard to balance work, life and my hobby. Be that as it may, I was able to write and publish, under my own publishing label Historia House, a booklet on German Award Winners at Arnhem. They are nearly sold out so please visit my shop to purchase one.

I am glad to provide another update which is on a Naval Infantry Battalion that fought in the western parts of the battle. According to some sources, this battalion in September 1944, was at a strength of 1000 men (HQ + all 6 companies). However not all were employed at Arnhem. 10. Schiffsstammabteilung was employed on the 18th September 1944 and fought most against the men of the 1st Borders in Renkum, Heelsum and Heveadorp. I hope you enjoy the update.

31 July 2015

A small update for everyone as I have been busy with some projects of late including a number of weeks away with work and family. The main project I have been working on is a new book called A Piece of Coloured Ribbon which is due out in September 2015. The booklet is about a selection of German Award Winners and key units from the Battle of Arnhem. A number of unpublished photos and documents are contained within so grab a copy before they all go. If you would like a copy then please feel free to contact me via this site.


Also out in September is another quality publication from RN Sigmond Publishing.


Arnhem Bridge Target MIKE ONE
An Illustrated History of the 1st Airlanding Light Regiment RA 1942-1945
North Africa - Italy - Arnhem - Norway

By David Truesdale, Martijn Cornelissen and Bob Gerritsen

ISBN/EAN: 978-90-812703-6-6

Published by R.N. Sigmond, Utrechtseweg 126-A, 6871 DV Renkum (NL)
Layout by M.C. Hildebrand DTP, Wageningen (NL)
Printed by van Eck & Oosterink, Dodewaard (NL)
Books bound by Boekbinderij Van Mierlo, Nijmegen (NL)

Number of pages: 235
Number and type of illustrations: 282 b&w photographs
22 documents
3 maps
2 aerial photographs
1 A3 size fold out aerial photograph
Book size: 21,5 x 28 cm, hardback, full colour dust wrapper


17 Sept 2014

It is a real pleasure that I bring to you this latest update which not only falls of the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem but also the 10th Anniversary of this site. I wish to thank everyone who has contributed and assisted me in the content of this site as without you it would not have been possible.

This latest update includes an article on Pioneer Lehr Bataillon z.b.V. which fought in Oosterbeek from the 23rd to the 26th September 1944. The unit is known to have suffered 38 killed in action and many more wounded. Leutnant Emil Andel who commanded a company within the battalion would be awarded the Iron Cross I Class in October 1944 for his leadership and efforts during the battle.

I am currently working on a mini-story for the Friends of the Airborne Museum involving the circumstances around the death of General Kussin and the number of occupants in the car. Hopefully you will see this soon.

03 Sept 2014

A quick update to the site before the 70th Anniversary commemorations. I have updated five pages with further information as well as correcting pages that had incorrect information from the time I wrote them. Please feel free to have a look at:

I have one more update to finish prior to the 17th Sept 2014. Please contact me if there is a particular topic you wish for me to add to the site.

30 Mar 2014

Please find enclosed a larger than normal update as I have been a little lazy in updating the site for a while. It is the 70th Anniversary of the Battle this year so I should try an update the site a little more this year considering the attention and knowledge relatives and veterans will seek on the subject.

The first update is that I have added information on I./Flottillenstammregiment 1 that fought during the Battle of Arnhem. Most people would be aware that they fought as part of Kampfgruppe Krafft but not many would know that from the 20th September 1944 it was then part of Kampfgruppe von Tettau.

In line with the first update are documents in the Period Items section belonging to Oberbootsmaatsmann Heinrich Rosteck who was a member of I./Flottillenstammregiment 1. He would be awarded the Iron Cross II Class for his action at Arnhem.

Other items have been added to the Period items. Firstly a Luftwaffe Wehrpass to Gefreiter Carl Truet who was a member of one of the Fliegerhorst Btls that fought in Arnhem. The second item to be added is another soldbuch but this time belonging to Obergefreiter Karl Schneider who was a member of Kampfgruppe Bruhn.

I have also fixed up a few mistakes on the page of Gefreiter Alfred Viocher and Kampfgruppe 'Bruhn'.

I hope you enjoy the larger than normal update.

18 Sep 2013

I have provided another update to align with the 69th Anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem. I have added to the Order of Battle information on Kampfgruppe Bruhn. A training and replacement battalion from Germany that earned a good reputation from its action in Oosterbeek and the Betuwe.

I have also added an award document to the Period Items section for a SS soldier, Anton Brunmayr that most likely won the Panzer Assault badge for his actions at Arnhem. Thanks to Erwin L for this contribution.

15 Jul 2013


I have recently returned from a trip to Arnhem to launch my second book called Arnhem - A Few Vital Hours. The book launch was a great success and I have included a couple of photos here:

(L-R) Bob Gerritsen, Scott Revell, Niall Cherry at Deelen Museum - 21 June 2013   Book signing at Meijer en Siegers bookshop in Oosterbeek - 22 June 2013

The book is still available with nearly half being sold already in the first month. I have enclosed the order form below. Customers in Australia can order the book directly from myself.




30 January 2013

Happy New Year to all! It has been a little while since the last update. I am glad to say that this time was not wasted and it was spent writing my next book. Titled 'Arnhem - A few vital hours', it will be released in June 2013 and it is on the history of SS-Pz Gren A.u.E Btl 16/Kampfgruppe Krafft. We have been fortunate to get our hands on many unpublished photos which compliment some exciting information about the unit that has never been published before. The book also dispels some myths and sets the records straight about information that has been printed about this unit in the past.

In this update I added another unit to the Order of Battle on the Western Sector. Artillery Abteilung 'Eul' was an obscure unit that appeared in the west and supported the attacks made against the western edge of the airborne pocket. This unit is rarely mentioned in any publication and what information I have has been shared on this website (not much I know but better than nothing at all).

I have also made available the pages on German War Correspondents and the Medical effort. Hard to find due to some navigation issues I need to resolve but they do exist for your reference. I will try to resolve this through a plan restructure of the site.

Enjoy the update.


19 Sept 2012

Please find enclosed the latest update for Defending Arnhem.

I have updated Period items to include a little group from a famous soldier that fought at Arnhem. He is mentioned in a number of books and websites and this group is of his award documents - Alfred Ringsdorf. He fought with the Kampfgruppe made of mostly I./SS-PzGren Regt 21 at the Arnhem Bridge but was in fact a reinforcement for SS-PzGr AuE Btl 16 (Krafft). He ended up with the 10th Panzer Division after the battle being posted to II./SS-PzGren Regt 22.

Coming soon I will publish an article on I./SS-PzGren Regt 21 that fought at the bridge. The German unit had no more than 150 men and fought against Frost's men around the Arnhem Road Bridge. The German Battalion had 3 different commanders in four days and they suffered a number of casualties during the fighting.

Lastly Niall Cherry and I have made some good progress on our book about Krafft's unit. R.N. Sigmond Publishing has reviewed the final draft and agreed to publish the book around June 2013. Looking forward to being in Holland again around this time. Enjoy the update.

I have updated the Order of Battle to correct a few minor mistakes that have come to light over the last few months.


8th April 2012

A few items in this update and the first for 2012. Also Happy Easter for those people that celebrate this around the world.

I have updated the biography of the German Veteran Erwin Heck. Erwin passed away in 2010 but I hadn't updated his biography to reflect this until now.

I have updated Period items to include a little group I picked up from a friend of mine in Holland. The document belongs to Unteroffizier Hermann Henke. Henke fought in the Betuwe with Battalion 'Schörken'. Interesting to see who actually signed one of the documents after the battle was over.

A second item added to the Period items is a lovely set of binoculars that belonged to SS-Ostuf. Karl Orf who was a company commander in SS-Unterfuhrerschule 'Arheim' and was decorated after the battle.

I have updated the Order of Battle to correct a few minor mistakes that have come to light over the last few months.

Unforuntately I will not be able to make the anniversary this year in September but plan to be in Holland next year in June 2013. This should coinside with the launch of "A Few Vital Hours" but we will see.

Lastly there is a new book coming out next month which I am looking forward to getting which is on the 11 Parachute Battalion.

Books are 30 Pounds plus 5 pound postage (UK only). Orders for the books can be made through here:

R.N. Sigmond Publishing,
UK Representative:
Niall Cherry
3 Church Road
Warton, Lancs PR4 1BD
Tel +44 (0) 1772 856395


16th September 2011

Well thank you all for being patient as it has once again been a little while since my last update. I have been using my spare time working on my next book with Niall Cherry called "A Few Vital Hours" which based on the story of Kampfgruppe Krafft during the Battle of Arnhem. There will be a heap of unpublished photos and today I am giving you a sneak peak of a couple of those unpublished photos:

The first part of the update is another grouping within Period Items that I came across recently. Owned by a friend of mine is a wonderful grouping belonging to Kampfgruppe Knaust. Of course it would have been nice to include this grouping in my previous book, Retake Arnhem Bridge, however we are still fortunate to view them here on this site. The grouping belongs to a Pz-Gr. Friedrich-August Bartling who was wounded during the battle but only after being decorated with a few awards.

I have also updated the Order of Battle removing some incorrect units and fixing a few spelling mistakes found within the site.

I have also updated the Order of Battle to include a section on Kampfgruppe Bruhn. This unit was another infantry training and replacement battalion from Germany that made a name for itself during the battle. Commanded initially by Knights Cross Winner Hauptmann Hans Bruhn (photo now included on this site) before being taken over by Oberleutnant Wolfram Kertz who would also earn the Knights Cross for his leadership during the battle.

Enjoy the update!!


25th March 2011

Time for another update for the year. I have fixed up a few errors that had been pointed out or that I had found.

Added another section to the Order of Battle about Kompanie 'Vaske', a small unit that fought in the Battle for the Betuwe. Very interesting indeed - as my thoughts on this unit up until now were completely different to what I found out.

Also added a soldbuch to the period items which belonged to Obergefreiter Heinrich Hassenflug who was a Luftwaffe soldier in Kompanie 'Vaske'.


8th January 2011

Happy New Year to all and hope 2011 is a prosperous year for all. Firstly as you can see I have reverted back to the odd look and feel of the site. I had some feedback that users could not find information like they did on the 'old site'. The other reasons why I went back was I was also having some trouble with the new software and it was going to cost me quite a bit to get it to where I wanted. So with these two reasons I have changed it back.

I have updated the Period Items section with some great acquisitions made by collectors around the world. The first is a group belonging to Mark Hofstede of a SS-Unterscharführer Otto Jäger who won the Iron Cross II Class the day after his unit re-took the Arnhem Bridge. I have also added a Soldbuch belonging to Alfred Kocher who was a member of Luftwaffe unit that fought west of Arnhem. Thank you to Brice D-D who provided this contribution to the site.

I have updated the Order of Battle with some corrections and additions. I have added a section on Festung Machine Gun Btl 37 which was part of Sperrlinie 'Harzer' in the Betuwe. Not much is know on this unit as it was only created weeks prior to the battle and committed south of Arnhem to stop XXX Corps.

18th Sept 2010

This update sees the first of the new layouts I have created moving forward. There will be a few more regular updates over the next few months as I release some of the things I have been working on. Trying to update the website whilst holding a senior management job, building a house, a part time job and family with 2 kids - it is getting harder. But I aim to update a little more often after I move into my new house in just over 1 month's time.

I hope the 66th Anniversary activities are going well in Arnhem and wish I was there.

13th February 2010

Well a belated happy new year to all. I have been a bad boy regarding the updates. I put this down to concentrating on my first book with Bob Gerritsen which is being published 19th February 2010. I have included the front cover here:


An Illustrated History of Kampfgruppe Knaust, September-October 1944 by Bob Gerritsen & Scott Revell

ISBN:                          978-90-812703-3-5
Number of pages:        168
Number and type of illustrations:       238 b&w photographs, 25 documents, 11 maps & 10 aerial photographs

Kampfgruppe Knaust in Wehrkreis VI consisted of 4 Panzergrenadier Kompanien and 1 Panzer-Kompanie. The men and armoured vehicles for the Panzer-Kompanie came from Panzer-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Abteilung 11 which was based in Bielefeld. One of the soldiers who was in this company was Karl-Heinz Kaebel (Kracht). During the time in which he served in this company he had the opportunity to take many photographs. These photographs form the foundation of this book on the history of Kampfgruppe Knaust in Sep-Oct 1944. After Karl-Heinz Kaebel (Kracht) finished his training he went with his unit to Arnhem and was involved in the battle on the eastern side for the Rijn bridge. As soon as the bridge was in German hands again the Kampfgruppe went to Elst, in the Betuwe, to try and stop the Allied advance to Arnhem.

I have updated the books section to reflect our new book being published this month. Also an update on my book 'Out of their Comfort Zone' has also been done.

I was contacted by the grandson of August Spillner and he provided me with a number of photos and documents. I have updated the page on August Spillner which now includes some photos of Oberfeldwebel Spillner.

I have also updated another award winner who won the Knight's Cross as a result of the Battle. His name was SS-Hauptsturmführer Oskar Schwappacher and was in command of an Artillery Unit that provided fire support to elements of the 10th SS-Panzer Division who were fighting in Nijmegen.

15th September 2009

The guestbook has been driving me up the wall. Everyday people are trying to put positive posts on there only to get a reply back saying your banned - no spammers allowed. So I have changed the brand of the guestbook for now and will look at a better commercial verison when I move to the new site in SharePoint. So please feel free to add comments here on the guestbook.

With the 65th Anniverary coming up this year a number of books have been published. One of those books is NO RETURN FLIGHT - 13 Platoon at Arnhem 1944 writen by Haks Walburgh Schmidt. I have put my order in and looking forward to reading it. Also there is a new book about 156 Parachute Battalion - FROM DEHLI TO ARNHEM. This book is also on order and I am lookng forward to it arriving very much. I was able to see the draft of this book last year and it looked magnificant.

Lastly a couple of upcoming publication - have to plug our book (Bob Gerritsen and I) on Kampfgruppe Knaust. Some great photos and documents we were able to acquire which has been added. Looking forward to it finally being published later this year or early next year.

A short update I know but hopefully next one will be a little longer. Please do not forget to sign the guestbook.

6th September 2009

Still having problems with the guest book. I updated it last night and was working but today no luck - same problem and I can not seem to fix it. Working on it. Further updates coming in the next few days.


14th April 2009


This update sees the introduction of a new forum. A number of other forums dedicated to the Battle of Arnhem were struggling with numbers and costs associated with running a forum so I offered to set one up for all the researchers. It has had a slow start due to a number of technical difficulties at the beginning. It will grow from strength to strength once it has been advertised a little further. The growth of the forum will only occur with the support of visitors like yourself. Please join and start to ask questions about the Battle of Arnhem that you are interested in. The link to the forum is located here.

Lastly I have updated the Order of Battle section. Added a page about Sperrverband 'Harzer' who had the job of forming a defensive line against the Poles along the railway embankment in the Betuwe. Also included is a picture of its commander; Oberst Egon Gerhard. This officer's picture has not been published to date.

07 January 2009

Firstly - Happy New Year to all. Hopefully I can update a little more regularly this year than last. The new website design has been delayed but is now starting to take shape. For all the technical people out there the new site will be designed in SharePoint which allow mes to have picture and video libraries, share documents and a number of other cool features. Perhaps even a forum.....still thinking about this one. Hopefully I can finish this over the next 3 months.

The first update is in the Order of Battle section. I have now added the Battle in the Betuwe section which looks at units such as 14. Schiffstammabteilung, 10th SS Panzer Division and III./SS-Pz. Gr. Regt. 1 'Landstorm Nederland' to name a few that had the responsibility to stop the Allied advance from Nijmegen as the Polish Ind. Para Bde in Driel.

Also I have added a Wehrpass of a SS-man Karl Scholz who was killed during the Battle of Arnhem in the Period Items section. He belonged to 1./SS-Pz.Jg.Ausb.Abt. 2 and was fighting in the western sector of Oosterbeek when he was killed on the 21st September 1944. The Wehrpass belongs to the Lee Luke collection and I thank him for allowing me to publish it here on my site.

26th October 2008

The next update in the Order of Battle has been completed with now the Eastern Sector being added which is mainly the units of Kampfgruppe 'Spindler'.

I have also updated the following pages due to identifcation of previous errors, updating of information or additional information has now become available:

  • Main Page - I have added the scope of this site so readers understand what this site aims to cover throughout. It now also covers the battles north of the Waal river in the Betuwe area which includes the action of the 10th SS-Panzer Division 'Frundsberg'.
  • Award Winners - this section now lists all soldiers that won from the Battle of Arnhem either the Knights Cross, the German Cross in Gold or the Honour Roll Clasp of the German Army. I have added the section on SS-Sturmbannführer Dr. Egon Skalka who was commander of SS-Sanitätsabteilung 9 'Hohenstaufen' during the Battle of Arnhem.

Some of the current pages will be changed over the next few months in preparation for the new format of the website. Please bare with me of this period as some pages will disappear and will not be put up again for a while. If you need particular information on a unit etc, please contact me via email so I can help.


20th October 2008

Well I have returned from my 5 week research trip around the world which culminated in Arnhem for the 64th Anniversary of the Battle. I have had a fantastic time and have gained an enormous amount of additional information on the German side of the Battle. A lot of this information will be placed on this site over the coming months.

I have started this update with a change in the layout of the Order of Battle. I have broken it up into the different areas of the Battle of Arnhem. The first two areas to be published are the Battle for the Bridge and the Western Sector (Kampfgruppe 'von Tettau'). The list of units in these sections has also been updated to reflect the correct order of battle in these sectors. The additional areas will be updated in the next two weeks.

I have also included a photo of me firing a period Pack Howitzer in Arnhem during the 64th Anniversary.


7th June 2008

Time flies when you have 2 kids under two.......Well I guess it is time for another update.

Started with fixing a few pages that had some incorrect information. These pages include s.Pz.Abt 506, About the Author, Josef Mathes and SS-Gr.Rgt. 1 'Landstorm Nederland'. These were only minor changes.

I have also changed the book section of this website. It now includeds a section on recent publications of books about the Battle of Arnhem as well as still having a section on upcoming publications that are currently being written.

The next part of this update is the most exciting...in my opinion. I recently acquired a German grouping of a soldier, Unteroffizer Hermann Wehner that fought with Sturmgeschützbrigade 280 in Arnhem 1944. I have not included the whole group on this site but only those items that related to the Battle of Arnhem. This can can be found in the period items section.

Well I hope you enjoy another update. I am off to Arnhem in September so hopefully I can get one more update in before I go. I am sure that I will have some more great information when I return in October 2008.

6th March 2008

A small update to keep readers informed that I am still alive and kicking. My second child is due next month so this might be the last update for a while so I hope you can wait for the next one. Hopefully by then I can add some great material that I have recently purchaed onto the site.

This update has added another unit to the Order of Battle - Feldkommandantur 642. This was the headquarters responsble for the defence of the city of Arnhem in September 1944. Interesting what happened to the commander in the first few hours of the battle.

6th January 2008

Firstly may I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Secondly I apologise for keeping everyone waiting for the next update. It has been 3 months which have been a very busy 3 months in my personal life. It will also be very busy over the next 3-6 months so the updates may not be as regular this year.

However - there will be some highlights in 2008. A couple of these include a new format and look for the website with an easier navigation, a nice grouping belonging to a member of Sturmgeschützbrigade 280. Also I will be adding a new database - a first for the Arnhem Research Community - more about that later in the year.

Lastly before I get onto the updates, I will be off to Arnhem in September 2008 so hopefully I will either see you over there or share some of the goodies on the site when I get back. Ok now for the update.

I have updated the Period Items section with a couple of additions to my collection. First is a wehrpass belonging to Friedrich Norsick who had quite a number of combat entries regarding the Arnhem-Nijmegen Area between Sept 44 - Jan 45. Also added some pictures of Kriegsmarine Cap Talleys belonging to 10. Schiffstammabteilung and 14. Schiffstammabteilung. Both units fought during the Battle of Arnhem.

Also updated the German Order of Battle an added a new unit. The unit to be added was Grenadier-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Bataillon (motorisiert) 60 or commonly refered to as Battalion 'Schörken' or mistakenly as Kampfgruppe 'Schörken'. This unit fought in the Betuwe area from the 21st September 1944 right into October when it was incorporated into the 116th Panzer Division.

Hope you all enjoy the update....Scott.

20th October 2007

For this update I have completed the section about The Medical Effort relating to the Battle of Arnhem. An extraordinary effort was performed by medical staff regardless if they were German, British, Polish or Dutch which saved many lives during the battle.

I have also made a few minor adjustments and corrections around the site to ensure the accuracy of the content within Defending Arnhem.

17th September 2007

Well this update was supposed to be a huge update but I had another PC crashed (3rd in one month) last weekend loosing all the pages I had updated. I have downgraded my operating system to a more reliable platform (not mentioning any names but you know what I mean) so hopefully I do not experience it again.

As such I have had to make a minor update this time. I have added the commanders page which lists all the major German players during the Battle of Arnhem.

I also added a couple of new death cards to the Soldier's Memorial section. You can understand the ages a little better of some of the men that took part (regardless of sides) in this battle by viewing their faces on the site.

Please remember on this day, the 63rd Anniversary, the men from all countries that lost their lives during the Battle of Arnhem.

28th August 2007

Another delay - this time caused by software. So I finally purchased an upgrade last week which now has me back up and running. So hopefully I can go back to regular updates.

A short update this time with the addition of another unit to the Order of Battle. The unit I have done is the SS-Panzer-Pioneer Battalion 9 from the Hohenstaufen Division. It was fighting from the 17th Sept. until the 26th Sept non-stop along the Utrechtseweg in Arnhem and Oosterbeek. It lost 2 company commanders during the fighting!

Already working on the next update which will be released on the 17th September 2007 to coincide with the anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem. So watch this space.....

24th June 2007

Well I have had a bad run of luck of the last month with my computer finally dying after 4 years of loyal service. I was fortunate to not loose any files from this site but had a few problems getting it updated all the same. So I thank you for your patience.

This update I have added another unit to the Order of Battle. I have been given some original documentation which has allowed me to write a section on the Dutch Waffen-SS unit, III./Gren. Rgt. 1 'Landstorm Nederland', which has not been covered in much detail before. The section also has a photo of its commander SS-Obersturmbannführer Hermann Delfs so I hope you enjoy this update.

I have also added a map to the section 6./14 Schiffstammabteilung which has been missing for a little while.

14th April 2007

It has been a little while since my last update so I thought I would make it a larger than normal update. I have added the Unit histories under the Order of Battle section on the SS-Unterführerschule 'Arnheim' that fought on the western side of the Oosterbeek pocket. This unit was the most experienced German formation that was on the Western side of the Oosterbeek pocket.

I have also added a number of destroyed vehicles to the destroyed vehicles database. I plan to add a few more each update over the next 6 months.

Added another book advertisement to the new book section which is a book on Kampfgruppe 'Knaust' that I am co-writing with another historian from Holland.

Lastly I have added a useful page on how to research a relative that fought at the Battle of Arnhem. I now have in my possession a complete list of all casualties that occurred during the Battle so it is easier for me to assist families to find information on their relatives.

25th February 2007

Added another veterans account from a member of Kampfgruppe 'Bruhn' who was wounded in action later passing in the St. Elizabeth's hospital. Please have a look at Joseph Schacher.

I also have updated the last of the German award winners SS-Standartenführer Michael Lippert who won a top award for his involvement in the Battle of Arnhem as commander of the SS-Unterführerschule 'Arnheim'.

Opened a new section on Books. It highlights some of the upcoming publications being researched and written about the Battle of Arnhem. Only a couple of titles are displayed at the moment but I have engaged a number of authors to provide an update on the books they are writing. Watch this space!

7th February 2007
Cosmetic changes to the main page - some more updates in the next 2 weeks including another veterans account.
21st January 2007

Well firstly I wish to thank everyone for their support. I have had over 3000 visitors in the last 2 months. Obviously regular updates are working and I will continue to try and update the site twice a month. Difficult with work but all for the 'fans'.

Updated the Veterans section again but this time with a small account from a SS-Officer who is still alive today. Interesting career SS-Obersturmführer Erwin Heck had which included units such as the 'Das Reich' and 'Frundsberg' divisions before seeing action in Arnhem.

1st January 2007

Well a new year has started and I have spent a bit of time over the Xmas holidays updating the site - so enjoy!

I have updated the Luftwaffe section which now has the Luftwaffe victories during the period 17th - 26th September 1944. Also added a maps section so now you can view the ground on which the battle took place. I plan to add other maps as the time goes on. Another bio of an award winner has been added which is German Cross winner SS - Dr. Egon Skalka. He was responsible for organising a ceasefire during the battle which evacuated an estimated 2200 wounded British soldiers from the Oosterbeek pocket.

Lastly I have added a suggestion box on the main page so if you have any suggestions to better improve this site then please let me know. Don't forget to sign the guestbook as well.

2nd December 2006
Very small update but very important. Received another veteran's account today from a former SS soldier who has an interesting story about the war. His name is Hans van Nystein and was a dispatch rider during the Battle of Arnhem.
26th November 2006

This is a great update as I have added some wonderful examples of period items from Mark Hofstede's collection. Two SS - Soldbuchs and award documents have been added that relate to the Battle of Arnhem. These include the EKII Award Document of Franz Henke, SS-Soldbuch of Willem Seidel, SS-Soldbuch of Albert Snijder and his IAB award document.

I have also updated the Order of Battle with two units. The first is a brief overview of the 10th SS-Panzer Division 'Frundsberg' with a great photo of Heinz Harmel in Betuwe. The second is of a Naval unit that fought on the western side of the Oosterbeek pocket in September 1944 which was the 6./14 Schiffstammabteilung.

14th November 2006

I have now added a site map to the site which will make it a little easier to navigate around. Each page within the website should have a link to the site map at the bottom of every page.

Ground Stories has also been updated with some addition photos provided by a collector in Holland. A few German Helmets were found on a farm in Driel in the Betuwe area.

Also made some little updates to the main page, acknowledgements and links.

5th November 2006

Well a few updates this time round. I have updated the memorial section as I have acquired 2 more death cards of Germans that were involved in the battles around Arnhem. Keep an eye on this section as it will have a huge update in the next month or so (hopefully before Christmas).

I have also updated 'Battle for the Bridge' page by adding the section on Befehlsstelle Sonnenstuhl. This section is very interesting and is not well known regarding the Battle of Arnhem.

28th October 2006

After 2 years and 12000 visitors I have finally added a Guestbook. I would very much like people to sign the guestbook and make comments regarding the site regardless if you are a first timer or a regular visitor.

21st October 2006

As you may have noticed the main page has been updated. I had to change a few things around to fit some more sections on the main page. From now I will start to update some of the current sections so they have a bit more substance - so keep an eye out for that.

Also added the section Then & Now which compares photos taken in and around Arnhem in 1944 with today. This section will only be small and I have no intention on making it any bigger than it currently is.

15th October 2006
Updated the last of the Knights Cross Winners in the Award Winners section that is on this site which include detailed profiles on SS-Obersturmbannführer Walter Harzer, commander of the 9th SS-Panzer Division 'Hohenstaufen' during the Battle of Arnhem and Oberwachmeister d. Res Josef Mathes from Sturmgeschützbrigade 280.
6th October 2006
Updated the Award Winners Page which includes another detailed profile. This time of a Arnhem Ehrenblattspange winner - Hauptmann Hans Bruhn.
20th September 2006
Updated the Award Winners Page which now includes detailed profiles of the Arnhem Knight Cross winners - Majors Hans-Peter Knaust and Kurt Kühme.
17th September 2006
On the 62nd Anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem I have made a few more updates. I have added some documentation to the the period items which includes an award document to SS-Grenadier Snijder. I have also added the acknowledgments page. This website could not have been as professional as I would like it without the contribution of many people. They are mentioned in the acknowledgements page.
9th September 2006
Another unit has been added to the 'Battle for the Bridge' section which is Heavy Panzer Company 'Hummel'. This unit was made up of Tiger's tanks which sealed the fate of the British fighting at the Bridge.
20th August 2006
Opened a new section called Ground Stories which is on the main page. This section is about Battlefield relics that have been found in the area of Arnhem-Oosterbeek. This section will expand shortly as I have a few more photos coming in form researchers.
12 August 2006

A number of sections have had photos and captions updated. They are as follows: Kriegsberichters, Order of Battle, SS AuE Btl 16, Sturmgeschützbrigade 280, SS Wachbattalion III 'Nordwest'.

Arnhem Related Documents has been changed to Arnhem Related Documents & Uniforms in order to expand the section to include German uniforms related to Arnhem. A SS Tunic has been added to the section that belonged SS-Sturmbannführer H. Thöle.

6 August 2006
Well as you can see a complete revamp of the old site. It was what I originally wanted 2 years ago but didn't have the knowledge to do it. Well over time I have learnt what was required to get it to this stage. Please let me know what you think. A few new things available and most old pages have been updated with further information (some are missing which are currently being updated with more photos). I hope you enjoy the site and keep coming back. Some of the new highlights include Veteran Accounts, Research Centre and the Soldier's Memorial to name a few.

Changed Format and content of the site - www.defendingarnhem.com

29 May 2006
Added some more information within the Order of Battle on Flak Brigade 'Svoboda' which played both a Ground Support and Anti - Air role during the Battle of Arnhem.
28 May 2006
I have updated the Order of Battle with a few corrections as well as 3 more units. Also the research request facility is now available on the main page.
27 May 2006
I have updated the site again which has included the following updates: Links Page, the new page German Commanders, and Award Winners.
09 Mar 2006
Added fact sheet about DKiG (German Cross in Gold) winner - Oberfeldwebel August Spillner who fought with Kampfgruppe 'Knaust'.
08 Mar 2006
Well writing my book certainly takes time away from your website. I decided that I needed to update it a little which you can see. I will update quite a bit more over the next few days.
04 Nov 2005
Added another unit history in the Order of Battle - The Worrowski Battalion of the Herman Göring Training and Replacement Regiment - A Luftwaffe unit which fought on the Western side of the Oosterbeek Pocket.
17 Sep 2005
Updated the destroyed vehicle database and added 15% of all vehicles destroyed during the Battle of Arnhem.
21 Aug 2005
Added Major Kurt Kühme's Bio. He was the Commander of the Sturmgeschützbrigade 280 and won the Knight's Cross for his actions in Arnhem.
17 Aug 2005
Added another new section to the site which is the Destroyed Vehicle Database. This database will capture every known German vehicle that was destroyed during the Battle of Arnhem. Each vehicle file contains information on location, vehicle type, person(s) who destroyed it and photos of the destroyed vehicle. Also changed the index page when you load up the site. A photo of the bridge taken Aug 1944.
18 Jul 2005
Added the section Schwere Panzer Abteilung 506 which were the Heavy Tiger II tanks that fought in Oosterbeek in the final days of the Battle.Also added was the first person in the Award Winners Section. A lesser known Knights Cross Winner from the Battle of Arnhem, Wolfram Kertz's Short bio has been added. Interesting career which saw him in Norway, Finland, Russia, Holland (Arnhem) and the final Battle for Berlin throughout the war.
13 Jun 2005
Added the section on the Heavy Panzer Company 'Hummel' which were the Tiger I tanks that fought at the Arnhem Bridge.
17 Mar 2005
I have started to add some photos to the award winner section. I will need to do some more work to this area and add the bio for each award winner when time permits.
16 Mar 2005
Major Knaust's Bio has been updated as I received some further information from a fellow historian (thank you to Hans Peulen) who pointed out the reference "Brennpunkte" by Wolfgang Paul which the history of the 6th Panzer Division. I was able to update his service history. I have also added the wanted page as I really would like to get documents and stories (veteran accounts) of Germans who participated in the Battle of Arnhem.
15 Mar 2005
Added the Award Winners section to this site. It lists all the officers/soldier who won some of Germany's top awards. I have listed to date the winners of the Knights Cross, German Cross and the German Honour Roll Clasp. I guess some names would appear here that would be new to those who study this battle. Hope to add to this section a little bio of each award winner with the reason why they won the award and other awards they might have had during the battle or later on in the war.
13 Feb 2005
Added Ranks and Abbreviations page. I have only placed the ranks in there at this stage with the equivalent allied rank structure. The abbreviations will be updated as I go.
12 Feb 2005
What have I been doing you ask? Well I have been writing my book on a completely different subject involving WWII which has taken up most of my time. I have made some changes and additions to the site. I have added some more units to the Order of Battle which includes the RAD units that fought in Arnhem (Thanks to Yancy Irwin for this information). I have also updated the information located within the SS-Wachbattalion III 'Nordwest'. Previously I had stated that one of the companies did not fight at Arnhem. This was incorrect which was pointed out by a veteran who was in that company and as he said 'was very much there in Arnhem'.  I will try and update some more very shortly.
19 Oct 2004
Added the Total Victories page in the Luftwaffe section. Contains all victories attained by Luftwaffe pilots over the 'Market Garden' area.
18 Oct 2004
Started the Commander's Biographies within OoB - 1st two completed - Major Knaust, General Von Tettau.
17 Oct 2004
Format of website has been completed to Field Grey (background). Also added to the Order of Battle a dedicated 9th SS Pz Div. 'Hohenstaufen' page which lists all units and its commanders on the 17th Sep 1944 (work in progress).
06 Oct 2004
Updated the Eagles over Arnhem (Luftwaffe) section. Click on each pilot picture to get details of career etc.
04 Oct 2004
Updated the German Order of Battle (OoB) complete with its commanders. Should now have all units involved in the fighting in the Arnhem-Oosterbeek-Elst area between 17-26 Sep 44.
27 Sep 2004
Changed background for ease of reading to grey...applied to most of site and will finish over the next 2 weeks. Purchasing new scanner in the next few weeks so I will add a heap of photos including signed Knights Cross Winners from Arnhem.
14 Sep 2004
Added another unit in the OoB - Schwere Panzer Kompanie 'Hummel'. I still need to add photos and I wanted to try a new background for ease of reading.
06 Sep 2004
Well this website is new. It is only 10% complete but it is my plan to update it at least every month in between work and everything else. I hope you can be patient and enjoy the updates.

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