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The Research Centre has been designed to assist people by providing a number of avenues to find further information on German Individuals and units that were involved in the Battle of Arnhem. Whilst this website covers information on the events, units and personalities of the battle, the research centre goes a little further by helping relatives and researchers track down information to help them in their search.

This section includes a number of useful sites and tools. The first tool is the Research Request. The Research Request is an avenue to get information from documents and sources that have not been published on this website.

Submit a Research Request

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Defending Arnhem is pleased to offer a research request facility to anyone interested in finding out further information on a particular German Relative/Friend who fought in the Battle of Arnhem. Alternatively you may want to know some specific details of a particular German Unit during the Battle of Arnhem.

The Research Request will be sent via email to me which you will receive a Research Request Number (RRN) in return if it is approved. This number will go into a database. If I can assist in your research then the information will be sent straight away however due to your request going into my database, I will always be on the lookout for your request. Please click on the button to the left to submit your research request.


Also included in this section are a number of interesting links to sites that can provide further information. Some of these include the WASt tracing service, information of Feldpost as well as a link to online Grave searches. Please contact me if you believe another useful tool or site needs to be added within the group below. Also if you have further information that can be added to the Research Centre then please contact me at your convenience.


Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt)

This is an online source for conducting "tracing requests" on soldiers of the German Wehrmacht during World War II. By providing WASt with personal information on the soldier you are looking for they will conduct a search in their records and archives and hopefully provide a report on his career, awards and decorations and unit history. It can sometimes takes up to 6 months for WASt to provide a reply via mail, so be patient.

A sample report of a soldier (not related to Arnhem) can be found here.



Gräbersuche (GraveSearch) Online

It is estimated that over 2000 German Soldiers were killed during the Battle of Arnhem. Most of them found graves when the battle died down and these have been recorded in an online database. The database contains information on over 4.2 million known graves from WWI and WWII. It is necessary to have at least 3 pieces of information (birth date, first and last name, birthplace etc) to conduct an online grave search.

You will be required to provide your contact details to conduct the search.



Lexikon der Wehrmacht

This online reference site is a fantastic source of information regarding all aspects of the German Wehrmacht. It contains useful information on Units, Weapons and Uniforms, Army training schools, documents and paperwork and lots more. The most useful part of the site is the Order of Battle (Truppenteile/Einheiten/Gliederungen) section which contains specific information of units at Corps, Divisional, regimental and Battalion size.

This online reference site is only in the language of German.



Soldbuchs & Wehrpaß

Soldbuchs (carried by the soldier) and Wehrpasses (carried by the soldier's unit) contain valuable information on a soldier's career, unit history, leave records, awards and decorations, inoculations and a record of equipment issue to name a few. This is the best source of information when trying to find out more when researching a German Soldier's career.


iiiii Soldbuch Info iiiiii Wehrpass Info iiii

iiiii (English) iiiiiiiiiiiiiii (English) iiiiii


Sutterlin Research

Suetterlin script was created by the Berlin graphic artist Ludwig Sütterlin (1865-1917), which was taught from 1915 to 1941 in German schools. It is also called the "the German handwriting". The script was extremely difficult to read yet widely used by Germans during the War. This site assists researchers to better understand and read this difficult script.

A guide to German Handwriting - Sutterlin



Knights Cross Winners

The most coveted award for bravery for the German Armed Forces during World War II was the Knights Cross (Das Ritterkreuz). 7313 people were bestowed this prestigious award with only a handful from coming from the Battle of Arnhem. This site gives some wonderful information on all Knights Cross Winners from the war which includes personal information, birth and death dates and sometimes a picture of the recipient.

Knights Cross Winners



Arnhem Feldpost Numbers

Each unit within the German Wehrmacht during WWII had their own Feldpost Number. This number would identify the unit the mail was sent too. Units did not always have the same Feldpost numbers throughout the war due to them being destroyed, transferred or incorporated into other units. This section is a list of Feldpost numbers of units at Arnhem.

Arnhem Feldpost Numbers

(Defending Arnhem Resource)


German Ranks

All military forces around the world are reknown for having different ranks. It can be very confusing to sometimes understand what rank is what. This section assists the reader by detailing a comparison chart of the different ranks of the German Wehrmacht and well as providing a list of common abbreviations of the ranks used within this site.

Comparison List of Ranks

(Defending Arnhem Resource)


German Abbreviations & Terms

Constructing a military site concentrating on the German side will ensure that the reader will come across German Military abbreviations and terms. A very detailed list of German Abbreviations and terms has been constructed which will assist readers, not only with this site, but all other references that concentrate or refer to the German involvement in WWII.

List of German Abbreviations & Terms

(Defending Arnhem Resource)



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