"In peace sons bury their fathers, but war violates the order of nature, and fathers bury their sons."  

-Heroditus, c. 484-425 B.C

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It is estimated that over 2000 German soldiers became casualties in and around Arnhem during the period 17th - 26th September 1944. Most were buried locally either in Military Cemeteries or in Field Graves where they fell. After the war they were reburied in the German Military Cemetery located in Ysselsteyn, Holland.

Below is a selection of Death Cards which has been added to this section from my personal collection to recognise the number of German Soldiers that fell during the Battle of Arnhem. I wish to acknowledge Hans Timmerman for providing me the information on the units they belonged to from his records.


Leutnant Felix Kozlowski

Company Commander, Wossowski Battalion, HG Training and Replacement Regiment - KIA 21st September 1944 - Oosterbeek.


SS-Untersturmführer Rupert Pöllinger

Rupert belonged to unknown SS Unit fighting in Arnhem - KIA 18th September 1944 - Posthumously promoted to SS - Leutnant.



SS-Panzer-Grenadier Johann (Hans) Schollerer

Hans was a member of SS-Pz.Gr.A.u.E.Btl.10 (Training and Replacement Battalion of the 10SS Panzer Division 'Frundsberg'). It was most likely he was fighting at the Bridge where he was wounded. He died later on the 23rd September 1944 in the Arnhem Military Hospital where he was buried.


Obergefreiter Stefan Trixl

Stefan was a Luftwaffe soldier killed in Arnhem on 18th September 1944. He belonged to unknown unit but it is assumed it was a FLAK batterie as his identity disc stated his first unit was 3./Flak.Ers.Abt.3.



Gefreiter Hermann Welzhofer

Hermann was a soldier with the 2./Batterie Sturmgeschütz-Brigade 280. He was killed on the 20th September 1944 when his StuG was hit on Benedendorpsweg, Oosterbeek (See vehicle losses).


SS-Rottenführer Alois Bernhard

Alois was a member of the 9th SS Panzer Division 'Hohenstaufen' and was killed in Arnhem fighting for the bridge on the 18th September 1944.



Unteroffizier Eugen Braun

Eugen was buried as an unknown soldier and as such there is no information on the unit he belonged to. It is assumed he was a soldier with a FLAK unit or IV./213 Luftnachrichten Regiment in Arnhem


SS-Unterscharführer Ferdinand Feichtenschlager

Ferdinand was most certainly a soldier with the SS Panzerjäger Abt 9 ‘Hohenstaufen' (SS Kampfgruppe 'Von Allworden'). He was killed in the last days of the Battle to destroy the Allied Airborne pocket at Oosterbeek.



SS-Sturmann Helmut Iffert

Helmut Iffert belonged to the SS Training and Replacement Battalion 16 (SS Pz-Gr A.u.E Btl. 16) and was killed on the first day of the battle in Oosterbeek.


Grenadier Josef Gradl

Josef Gradl was a member of the Wossowski Battalion, HG Training and Replacement Regiment and most likely was wounded during the German Attacks on the 19th Sept 44. He died in hospital 2 days later.



ROB-Gefr. (Officer Candidate) Georg Kuberski

Georg Kuberski belonged to a Heer unit that fought in Arnhem (unit unknown) and was killed in "House Fighting" on the 23.09.1944. It is most likely he was a member of a Training and Replacement battalion.



SS-Sturmann Johann Herzog

Johann Herzog died on the 31st October 1944 in a hospital in Apeldoorn succumbing to his wounds. It is unknown if this soldier was wounded during the Battle of Arnhem but thought I would put this up as many a German Soldier died of their wounds in this hospital.



SS-Unterscharführer Andreas Ulrich

Andreas Ulrich was a member of the SS-Wachbattalion III 'Nordwest' and was wounded during the fighting in Sept 1944. He was taken to a Field Hospital where he died from his wounds on the 13th October 1944.


SS-Kanonier August Maurer

August Maurer was only 18 years old when he was killed in Arnhem on the first day of the battle. He was most likely a member of Spindler's Artillery Regt (Hohenstaufen).


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