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Hauptmann Hans Bruhn

Ehrenblattspange - 25.12.44
Iron Cross I Class - 11.10.41
Iron Cross II Class - 13.07.40
IAB - 31.03.42
Wound Badge in Black - 10.06.42
Eastern Front Medal - 22.07.42

Hans Bruhn was the Commander of the Pz-Gr A.u.E Btl 361 when it was called from Germany to reinforce the Germans in Arnhem. He was a combat experienced infantry officer who had fought in the Eastern Front and now his experience was required again in Holland. He initially led the Battalion during the Battle of Arnhem as part of Spindler's blocking line. During the assaults to destroy the pocket, the battalion would attack from the north heading south where the Battalion made huge land gains but with heavy casualties. During these assaults, one of his company commanders Wolfram Kertz would earned the coverted Knights Cross. For Bruhn's personal bravery and dedicated leadership of the Battalion, Hauptmann Hans Bruhn was awarded the Honour Roll Clasp of the German Army (Ehrenblattspange) on Christmas Day 1944.

This is a page from the official paperwork which was submitted to Higher Headquarters (OKH) regarding the award of Ehrenblattspange to Hauptmann Hans Bruhn. This section is the endorsement of the award by both Harzer, commander of the 9th SS Panzer Division, and Bittrich, commander of the II. SS Panzer Korps.

Shown below was the German Equivalent of a Gazette which officially listed the award of the Ehrenblattspange won by Officers of the German Armed Forces. This list was from Ende (end) December 1944. Bruhn's Name is in the left hand column. Note he is listed as the commander of a Kampfgruppe within the 9th SS Panzer Division (could be the reason why this officer is often mistaken as a SS officer when he was actually a member of the Heer).

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